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IIS Intelligence (IIS)


The TAPA Incident Information System (IIS) was designed to improve the availability and flow of information on crimes against logistics supply chains within industry and between industry and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s). Its goal is to provide a centralized resource of knowledge related to criminality against freight in transit and to facilitate the dissemination of that information to member companies and to LEA’s. IIS is a service provided as part of the TAPA APAC membership at no additional cost to the subscribers and is provided free to all interested LEA’s across the region.


  • Facilitates rapid dissemination of incident occurrence through ‘flash’ email

  • Aids investigation & recovery of loss

  • Creates a depository of global supply chain security incidents stored in a common format to support statistical analyses

  • Provides a directory of contacts within LEA’s, manufacturers and logistics security personnel

  • Proactively prevents cargo loss from reoccurrence and seek for industry collaboration

  • Increases awareness of cargo theft issues at local, national and international levels

Access to IIS Database:

IIS Confidentiality

The IIS database is secure and the details of the owner of the property and the loser, whether a buyer or a Logistics Service Provider, remain confidential and anonymous. The objective of collating the information for the benefits of lobbying Governments and completing risk assessments.

How to report

You may report an incident online through the TAPA Global IIS website. Details of the informant, owner of the property, whether a buyer or a Logistics Service Provider, will remain confidential and anonymous.

Step 1:
Click the 'Report an Incident' button above

You will be redirected to the TAPA Global IIS website.

Step 2:
Select the region based on the incident location

You will be redirected to a form to fill up the incident details.

Step 3:
Fill up the IIS Incident Report Form

The incident details have been submitted and our IIS working team will review the submission.

IIS Reports

With the support of our members, partners, and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), TAPA IIS collects information about cargo theft incidents across the world. Hence, TAPA IIS provides members with well supported statistics and analyses of incidents through our annual, quarterly and special reports.


Collaboration and shared intelligence remain one of the best ways to fight crime. TAPA works closely alongside Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), regulatory bodies and other stakeholders throughout the APAC region, sharing a joint commitment to promoting supply chain resilience and reducing cargo crime. TAPA is always looking for new partners, please contact us if your organization is interested in becoming a TAPA LEA partner.