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Cargo Ships Raid: Hong Kong Customs Seize HK$100M in Contraband & Shark Fins


In a raid on several cargo ships, Hong Kong customs officials confiscated approximately HK$100 million (US$12.8 million) worth of contraband, including dried shark fins. Three men were also arrested in connection with the operation, known as Wave Breaker.

The seized goods included electronic products, wine, and frozen meat. The haul consisted of seven tonnes (7.7 tons) of dried shark fins, half a million electronic devices, 240 pallets of electronic waste, 2,000 bottles of wine, and three tonnes of frozen meat.

The seizures were made after identifying six ships scheduled to depart from Hong Kong to destinations such as Malaysia, Shanghai, Nansha, and Macau between August and September.

The customs officials are currently investigating six separate cases and have not ruled out the possibility of making further arrests. The three arrested individuals, aged between 40 and 54, have been released on bail.

Importing or exporting shark fins can result in a fine of up to HK$10 million and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

Bringing or taking unreported cargo into or out of Hong Kong is considered a crime, carrying potential consequences of up to seven years of imprisonment and a fine of HK$2 million.


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