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Half of Apple suppliers operating in China’s lockdown-hit areas


More than 70 companies own manufacturing plants in Jiangsu Province that directly supply the U.S. tech giant, according to an analysis of Apple’s latest available Supplier List. The majority of these of Apple’s 200 top suppliers have facilities in and around Shanghai, are in Kunshan and Suzhou, the two cities near Shanghai. A further 30 or so Apple suppliers have facilities in Shanghai itself, the latest epicenter of the COVID-19 surge in China.

These suppliers run the gamut from major iPhone assembler Pegatron and iPad maker Compal Electronics to makers of components such as displays, printed circuit boards, thermal parts, batteries and acoustic components.

The Supplier List is normally released annually and covers 98% of Apple’s spending on materials, manufacturing, and assembly of its products. The 2021 edition highlights how Shanghai — better known as a financial hub — is also becoming critical to the global tech and automotive supply chains.

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