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Globally First!!! Flipkart India First E-commerce Organisation To Achieve Globally Multi-site TAPA Elevated Security Protection FSR A Certification For Its 75 Fulfillment Centers


Flipkart Team receiving celebrating the milestone of setting the standards in Facility Security Standards for the Ecommerce Sector with TAPA APAC certification.

The TAPA APAC Board congratulate Flipkart on this incredible journey since 2017 to certify to TAPA FSR A its 75 fulfillment centers.  The TAPA FSR certification is an internationally recognized industry standard that is given to companies who meet the requirements for secure warehousing or in-transit storage of high value goods across the global supply chain. Renewed every three years, the TAPA certification is only awarded upon rigorous audit processes. It is highly sought after and is regarded as one of the most stringent independent security standards in the logistics and supply chain sectors.

Tony Lugg, TAPA Certified Expert and Chairman of TAPA APAC, said: “TAPA Class “A” is the highest level of our security standards and denotes a facility as one that offers “elevated security protection”.

Flipkart’s compliance with TAPA standards complements its resilience and business sustainability policies. This remarkable achievement of having 75 e-commerce fulfillment centers to be certified under Multi-site A certification is a testament to the efficiency of Flipkart’s operations and investment into strengthening the local economy. The value that they are bringing to their customers as one of the most safe and secure places to do business and for the well being of employees as well are commendable. Flipkart has positioned itself as the first movers in leading the industry to building a robust infrastructure for the future growth of Indian e-commerce.”

There is an increasing number of manufacturers who are using the TAPA Facility Security Requirements for its warehousing and manufacturing sites. The standards provide a benchmark of risk, resilience, and security across the supply chain.

TAPA operates several Supply Chain Resilience Standards, such as the FSR (Facility Security Requirement), the TSR (Truck & Multi-Model) Security Standards, GSR (Guarding Security Standards) and more recently, the CSS (Cyber Security Standards) with a strong focus on the cyber-attacks on the supply chain.

TAPA APAC’s Supply Chain Security Standards allow companies to select their preferred level of FSR, TSR, GSR and CSS certification to suit their security requirements and those of their customers. Certification is achieved by working with our approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs) or via Self-Certification.

Designed ‘by the industry, for the industry,’ the Association’s Standards are respected by Manufacturers, Shippers, Logistics Service Providers, Insurers and Law Enforcement Agencies as best-in-class minimum security requirements to safeguard the Supply Chain. Globally TAPA has over 2000 member organisations, 3500+ trained Auditors and 2500+ certifications across all the 3 Regions – AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA.

For further information on TAPA APAC, please contact Madu Lokan TAPA APAC Executive Director at madu.lokan@tapa-apac.org  or visit our website at www.tapa-apac.org

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