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Global Logistics Company Boosts International Delivery Capabilities with New Asia Pacific Services


To meet the rising need for dependable and diverse services in the Asia Pacific region, a global logistics company has stated that it is improving its international delivery services.

The subsidiary of the global logistics company and one of the largest express transportation companies in the world will provide access to new international delivery capabilities.

The new global logistics company’s services will link the Asia Pacific to 170 markets worldwide, with typical delivery times of two to five business days within the region and four to five days for key markets in Europe and the US.

Customers who choose to ship less urgent items with day-definite delivery will receive the same level of dependability as time-definite International Priority services, according to the global logistics company.

The global logistics organization also has plans to improve International Priority (IP) transit times in specific trade routes. According to the global logistics company, customers may utilize IP to send critical and urgent shipments anywhere in the world.

“Businesses, especially small businesses, are looking for ways to introduce efficiencies that can help their bottom line, particularly in this economic environment,” stated the global logistics company.

Businesses are searching for innovative solutions as more customers, particularly those who shop online, rate delivery speed as a less significant factor when purchasing.

This is a part of our ongoing efforts to give our customers a better experience and greater value.

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