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Global experts to share valuable experiences and lessons at key cyber security event


The IT infrastructure that is used by the shop, for example, has to be top-notch. If a hacker were to infiltrate that, he would be able to disrupt online transactions and potentially even steal user data.

This was what happened to scores of companies in July, when Kaseya, a supplier of IT management services, was hit by hackers. Those that depended on Kaseya to manage their IT infrastructure were hit as well, resulting in their customers being unable to transact with them digitally.That big corporations and governments are only as strong as their weakest link is especially clear in recent months, with the discovery of high-profile attacks made governments and businesses realise that cyber security goes hand in hand with digital transformation.

Late last year, SolarWinds, a supplier of network monitoring software that was used by thousands of organisations around the world to manage their networks, had its systems hacked. Through this, the cyber attackers went on to install malware on the systems of some of its high-profile customers, including US government agencies.

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