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Four Dead in Explosion at Soap Factory Warehouse in Meerut, India


According to an official statement, a tragic incident occurred at a soap factory warehouse in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, resulting in the loss of four lives. The unfortunate event was caused by an impact within the soap manufacturing warehouse, as confirmed by District Magistrate Meerut.

Thankfully, the injured individuals are now safe and no longer in danger. Initially, five people were reported to have been injured in the incident. The explosion completely destroyed the affected area.

Initial findings suggest that the incident was caused by machinery, potentially due to the use of specific chemicals. The exact cause is still being investigated, as confirmed by the district magistrate. Currently, no relatives or individuals are present to identify the deceased, indicating that they were likely laborers employed at the warehouse. All the deceased individuals were males aged 18 years or older.

In response to the situation, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has taken swift action by instructing officials to reach the location promptly. He has directed the district administration to ensure that the injured are immediately transported to the hospital for proper treatment. He has also expressed his well wishes for their speedy recovery.

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