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First Quarter Ends with Remarkable Achievements for TAPA APAC


TAPA APAC started 2023 with a transformative shift and powerful strategic vision for greater outreach and to deliver higher value through its membership programmes. Despite the challenges across Asia Pacific during this recovery, TAPA APAC is proud to achieve remarkable results and reach milestones in the first quarter of 2023.

Membership & Training Surpassed 2022 Numbers

Within a short span of 3 months, TAPA APAC has yet another record-breaking membership achievement Growth – 670 member companies as at the end of Q1 2023, surpassing the 2022 membership record of 650. In Q1, TAPA APAC has certified a total of 164 TAPA Authorized Auditors (AA) across 5 training sessions to support members in their adoption of the Standards.

“Membership renewal and growth is truly remarkable. There is a grand positive impact on the association’s revenue. It is a testament to the leadership, commitment, and persistence of the TAPA APAC Board and the Execution team. I’m confident with new TAPA standards in the 2023 pipeline, we will be able to capture this segment of non-renewal members orderly. To cross the FY2022 revenue in Q12023 is highly commendable. It is very good to see the focus and drive on membership plus forward investment of membership revenues for more Supply Chain security best practices standards,” said Sangar Kandasamy, TAPA APAC Treasurer and Board of Director.


Sangar Kandasamy, TAPA APAC Treasurer and Board of Director


Launch of TAPA APAC’s Blockchain Digital Credentials

TAPA APAC has also unveiled its new blockchain-powered digital credential system that effectively allows the association to issue digital certificates from 2023 onwards. The certification of TAPA Standards, including TAPA APAC Membership Certificates, TAPA Authorized Auditor Training Certificates, and TAPA FSR/TSR/GSR Standards Certificates, plays a crucial role in identifying resilient and sustainable supply chain players for companies to collaborate with. Therefore, the authenticity of TAPA credentials is a major concern for the industry. In response, the association has sought a blockchain solution that enables the issuance of instant-verifiable credentials in a secure and controlled manner, providing greater trust, transparency and authenticity for members.

New Office Opening & Extensive Member Engagement

The TAPA APAC office was officially opened and launched during the first members’ event in Singapore. Since then, TAPA APAC has continuously engaged members at multiple events including the Cyber Security Events in Singapore and China during March. The association has also launched its new eMagazine platform for Lookout with interactive features such as audio, video and survey engagement.

Strategic Partnerships Formed Across APAC

TAPA APAC Executive directors, Madu Lokan (Rest of APAC) and Alvin Lau (Greater China), paved the way for the association by establishing new partnerships with strategic stakeholders in Malaysia and China including Port Klang Authority (PKA), Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, Pudong New Area Public Security Bureau and more. These strategic partnerships aim to support members in the region as port and custom authorities incorporate TAPA Standards to enhance resilience and ease procedures.

Sangar added, “The pivotal focus on growing economies like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines would continue aggressively and my humble request to the entire Board to support so we as TAPA APAC association outreach to more members and help supply chain industry in APAC.”

Committed Working Groups for Standards Revision

As part of the revision efforts by TAPA APAC, new working groups have been set up to not only exchange feedback on TAPA Standards, but also to address key industry concerns. Working groups are also a platform for industry experts and colleagues to come together and share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices to bolster the integrity and resilience of supply chains. Member volunteers are committed to resolving supply chain risk issues and benefit all other TAPA APAC members. Their enthusiasm and commitment is extremely commendable and TAPA APAC would like to extend our sincere thanks for their contribution.

Expect More Initiatives for Q2!

“TAPA APAC continues to rise above the challenges and obstacles, as evidenced by the growing memberships and training sessions. We are excited to share with you our Q2 initiatives, which we believe will further enhance the resilience and performance of our members’ supply chain. The TAPA APAC team has been working diligently with the Board of Directors to develop new initiatives and partnerships in order to improve our members’ experience and to ensure that TAPA APAC remains at the forefront of supply chain resilience and sustainability. We encourage you to take advantage of the latest initiatives at TAPA APAC, contribute your insights, and participate in networking opportunities available through our conferences and events”, Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC, expressed his views on this significant milestone.

Launch of New TAPA Standards & 2023 Version

In the next quarter, TAPA APAC will launch the 2023 version of Guarding Security Requirements (GSR) and new Standards for Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Planning (BCP). Companies are in urgent need to increasingly invest in comprehensive risk management and resilience building in supply chains. New Standards are designed to support members in managing new risk forms and disruptive events in the increasingly complex, dynamic and uncertain operating environment today.

Greater Engagement With TAPA China Opening, Conference & AGM

In Q2, TAPA APAC has planned multiple conferences and events for all members to participate and stay informed of ongoing supply chain conversions.

  • TAPA APAC China Office Opening Ceremony – 26 May

TAPA APAC China Office’s mission is to provide unparalleled support to its members in the region, ensuring that they have the resources and tools they need to safeguard their supply chains against theft and other forms of cargo crime. With its extensive network of professionals and industry experts, This May marks the official opening of TAPA China since its establishment in Oct 2021.

Click on the link to register: www.TAPAAPACChinaOfficeOpening-registration


  • Supply Chain Resilience & Sustainability Conference – 22 & 23 June

This two-day conference in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, features a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, exhibition, networking, opportunities and value additions! We bring together an international audience of over 200 specialists discussing the latest supply chain trends, industry developments, threats and innovative solutions and technologies.

Click on the link to register: www.bit.ly/scrs2023-registration


  • TAPA APAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023 – 22 June

TAPA APAC’s annual general meeting (AGM) will also take place during the conference to announce the performance for 2022, new updates and direction for 2023.

Click on the link to register: www.bit.ly/AGM2023-registration

These initiatives have been designed to enhance resilience of members in the global supply chain. By providing valuable insights and networking opportunities, these initiatives aim to create a more secure and robust supply chain ecosystem in Asia Pacific. With a more resilient supply chain ecosystem, businesses can continue to deliver high-quality products and services to their customers while also maintaining long-term sustainability and competitiveness. TAPA APAC looks forward to accelerating growth in Q2 and creating more value for members and the industry to progress in a resilient and sustainable direction.

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