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Firing On Truck Loaded with Gas Cylinders Near Gas Bottling Plant in Banka, India


A gunfire erupted near the Madhusudanpur gas bottling plant in the Barahat police station area on the Bhagalpur-Hansdiha main road in Banka, Bihar. Thankfully, a major disaster was narrowly avoided as the bullets narrowly missed the gas cylinders. This incident has caused fear and panic among the nearby residents. Upon receiving the news, the Barahat police station promptly arrived at the scene and began analyzing the CCTV footage from the gas bottling plant. They have found one bullet casing and are currently searching for the other. Questions have been raised regarding police patrolling in light of this incident.

According to an eyewitness, a truck loaded with gas was exiting through gate number one of the gas plant when it experienced a technical malfunction and came to a halt on the main road. At that moment, a white car arrived with three individuals inside, all armed with illegal weapons. They demanded that the truck driver move the vehicle out of their way, leading to an altercation. Subsequently, all three criminals aimed their weapons at the truck driver.

It is reported that two bullets were fired while one remained unused. Miraculously, the truck driver managed to escape by seeking refuge in a nearby shop. The three criminals then fled towards Bhagalpur, taking the truck driver’s parked bike with them. The patrol vehicle of the Rajoun police attempted to intercept the criminals, but they managed to evade capture. The area is now filled with a sense of panic and unease following this incident.


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