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Federal Agencies Struggling With Supply Chain Security


More than five months after the SolarWinds supply chain attack came to light, federal agencies continue to struggle with supply chain security, according to a Government Accountability Office official who testified at a congressional hearing Tuesday.

The SolarWinds supply chain attack, which sent a Trojanized update of the Orion network monitoring platform to 18,000 users, resulted in follow-on attacks on about nine federal agencies, including the Homeland Security, Treasury and Energy departments, as well as 100 companies. But since the cyberespionage attack, only a handful of executive branch departments have made updates to their security protocols, and none are fully protected against these types of intrusions.

On May 12, President Joe Biden issued an executive order designed to address many of the cybersecurity issues that came to light as a result of the SolarWinds attack, which was uncovered by security firm FireEye in December 2020.

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