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Digital Transformation of Supply Chains: Post-COVID Security & Resilience


Join us for an essential discussion to manage supply chain security and resilience issues. COVID-19 has revealed supply chain vulnerabilities and it now crucial for us to anticipate tomorrow’s new security challenges and digitalize supply chains with new technologies.

Conventional security systems manage security function like silos of information, access control, video management, alarms management, visitor management and intrusion detection. Information are presented wholesale and often without purpose. Such systems capture too many information and complicates the security operations.

In this webinar, industry experts from TAPA and Ademco will share key insights on the current supply chain technological landscape, emerging security risks, and new technologies available for organizations to remain secure and resilient for post-COVID.

What you will learn:

  • Current security challenges that supply chains face and inadequacy of conventional security systems
  • Future of Facility Security
  • Adopting Unified Security Technology to improve supply chain security and resilience
  • Control tower technology value metrics in security management
  • Post-COVID security challenges and how can we prepare for it


  • 0:04:03 – Current and future technology trends: Digital Globalization, IOT & Advanced Analytics, Advanced Automation, Technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Redesigning Work

  • 0:08:30 – Future of Land Transit Security: 5G and IOT will change things in the transport industry with better accuracy, speed, autonomous ability and more advantages.

  • 0:13:12 – Future of Facility Security: Companies are moving into an Unified Security Platform for coordination, situation awareness and quality integration.

  • 0:20:25 – Four Breakthrough Core Technologies: Contactless access, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics. Firms are advised to conduct risk assessment beforehand and review for trade compliance.

  • 0:33:46 – Virtual Command Center Outsourced: Differences and benefits between traditional and S-a-a-S. Organisations can save manpower and resources while holding control and flexibility.

  • 0:41:41 – The Four Levels of A Command Tower: Visibility, Alerts, Decision-support, Autonomous. The use of AI will allow organisations to move towards level 4 of being autonomous. 0:46:41 – Integrated Supply Chain Ecosystem: The control tower should be integrated with customers, distribution partners, production factories and suppliers.

About the Speakers

Patrick Lim

Director, Group Strategy of Ademco Security Group Pte Ltd

Patrick Lim has 20 years of experience in the security technology industry in Asia. In the course of his career, Patrick has assisted with the company’s expansion into 7 countries across Asia, as well as transforming the business approach to one of market and solutions-centric. He spearheaded the formation of Ademco’s Technology Group internally, and started the Ademco Managed Services business. Currently, Patrick is in-charge of the strategic development for Ademco Security Group, focusing on industry solutions, new businesses, talents and technology development.

Email: patrick.lim@ademcosecurity.com



Roger Lee

Trainer & Secretary for Asia Pacific at Transported Asset Protection Association, TAPA

Roger Lee is the Director of the Singapore Institute of Materials Management (SIMM) and an adjunct senior teaching fellow at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, for the Logistics and Supply Chain Programme. Roger managed a Singapore-based multinational electronics company in Silicon Valley in the 1990s and is heavily involved in technology transfer projects from USA to Singapore in the high-tech industry. Roger possesses a MBA from the University of Strathclyde (UK), and a Bachelor of Sc. degree from University of San Francisco.

Email: roger.lee@tapa-apac.org


Tony Lugg

Chairman for Asia Pacific at Transported Asset Protection Association, TAPA

Tony is the Director of Logistics Purchasing and Centre of Excellence for Lear Corporation Asia Pacific, the Leading Tier 1 global automotive manufacturer ranked #148 on the Fortune 500, for its Seating (JIT) & E-Systems Divisions across Asia Pacific and global distribution, sequencing & warehousing. Tony also sits on the Emeritus Council of Advisors for Supply Chain Asia.

Email: tony.lugg@tapa-apac.org


About Ademco Security Group

Ademco Security Group is a leading provider of security solutions and services to businesses and governments across Asia. With over 40 years of focus on security in Asia, Ademco is synonymous with innovative solutions and market-leading services.

Website: www.ademcosecurity.com

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