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DHL says supply chain must drive move to circular economy


If circular economies are to become a reality, then supply chain transformation is an absolute must, a DHL report concludes, adding that a change of mindset is most urgently needed in the fashion and electronics sectors.

With governments globally committing to a 2050 net zero carbon emission deadline, the pressure to reduce waste has never been greater, with society and businesses urged to contribute to a more sustainable future.

This is the backdrop to the DHL paper, called ‘Delivering on Circularity’, which explores how to create circular economies. “They are a key enabler when it comes to optimising production volumes and materials, extending product life cycles, launching novel use models, and developing new solutions for end-of-life recycling.” The report stresses that the sectors with the most significant impact on the environmental – and the ones most in need of supply chain innovation – are fashion and consumer electronics.

It points out that 20% of garments produced are never used, and that smartphones are often exchanged after just two or three years. The sectors combined contribute to more than 6% greenhouse gas emissions.

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