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Dell Technologies Addresses Modern Support and Security


New Dell Technologies support services and security solutions enhance the way IT leaders provide a modern, intelligent and secure PC experience for employees. Added capabilities in the ProSupport Suite for PCs build on the foundation of artificial intelligence and an always-on approach to make IT support easier and more customizable. New endpoint security offerings enhance the industry’s most secure commercial PCswith new security verification capabilities and additional protections below the operating system.

The rapid shift to remote work, increased use of cloud applications and new ways of addressing employee productivity needs have created new threat vectors at the endpoint. Every business is a target regardless of location, industry or size as threats have grown increasingly sophisticated and sometimes challenging to detect. Recent data suggests 44% of organizations experienced at least one hardware-level or BIOS attack over the past 12 months.For an endpoint security strategy to be effective, it must take the entire attack surface into consideration, including supply chain hardware and firmware.

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