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Counterfeit Supplements Seized in Thailand Warehouse Raid, Value Exceeds 10 Million Baht


The Department of Special Investigations (DSI) recently conducted a raid on a warehouse in Chonburi, Thailand. The warehouse was suspected of storing and selling counterfeit nutritional supplements for humans and animals. These counterfeit products were being distributed through a popular online sales platform, and the estimated value of the seized goods exceeded 10 million baht.

Thailand recently found itself on the United States Trade Representative’s watchlist for intellectual property rights, which prompted the DSI to take action. They investigated the illegal sale of dietary supplements that have harmful side effects on consumers.

The Director General of the DSI issued an order to the Intellectual Property Litigation Division to investigate individuals involved in the illegal sale of counterfeit goods. These goods were being passed off as genuine at factory prices. The investigation led authorities to the Chonburi Province, where the products were sold and stored.

A search warrant was obtained from the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, and inspections were conducted at a store in Chonburi. These inspections revealed a wide range of counterfeit products, including veterinary medicines for inflammation, dietary supplements for humans, and unauthorized equipment bearing trademarks.

Over 10,000 pieces of counterfeit products were documented during the inspection. These included well-known brands and trademarks that were already registered in the Kingdom. The total market value of the seized goods exceeds 10 million baht.

The people accountable for the sale and distribution of these fake goods have been caught and accused of engaging in the sale and intention to sell items with counterfeit trademarks that have already been officially registered in the Kingdom. The authorities are currently investigating how these individuals obtained the counterfeit products.

The DSI will collaborate with online sales platforms to protect consumers and prevent further infringements. They will request their cooperation in identifying and reporting trademark-infringing products for sale.

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