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CJ Rongqing Logistics Achieves TAPA TSR Level 2 Certification for 30 of its fleet of trucks in China CJ Rokin Logistics Achieves TAPA TSR Level 2 Certification for 30 trucks in China


Asia Pacific:

CJ Rongqing Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd, the logistics providers of a leading Tier One Automotive suppliers has achieved TSR Level 2 certification from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) for its road transportation in China.

TAPA certification is an internationally recognized authority for logistics safety & security qualification and certification and is considered one of the most rigorous independent certifications in the industry.

With the certification, TAPA recognises Xijie Rongqing’s Logistics industry-leading security standards, which include point-to-point monitoring systems and increased security hardware and processes. Safe and on-time delivery is crucial for automotive customers time-sensitive goods.

Tony Lugg, TAPA APAC Chairman said: “TAPA congratulates CJ Logistics in attaining Level 2 TSR certification in China. This is a great achievement and positive step forward in securing the supply chain for its customers”.

Case studies had shown that the implementation of the TSR improved operational performance, increased driver safety and visibility and on time delivery performance.

CJ Rongqing management viewed TAPA certification as an important strategic decision and its positioning to the high-end market focusing on high-end cold chain, chemical, vulnerable & valuable cargo and pharmaceutical logistics, providing customers with one-stop secure and safe logistics services. The TSR certification demonstrated CJ Rongqing’s to its customers its intentions to provide a high valued added service.

The TAPA TSR was relatively straight forward to set-up. As the project lead attended the TSR training, the project took 6 months to implement from set-up to a successful certification.

The adoption of TAPA certification is a seamless connection between TAPA TSR security system and CJ Rongqing safety management system. It is a full affirmation of the operating efficiency and operation quality of CJ Rongqing TSR system.

NAME OF PERSON QUOTE of CJ Rongqing said that “CJ Rongqing has made continuous and effective efforts to integrate the TAPA standard to ensure that each item can obtain the highest level of safety control and build a safe platform and service that customers can trust”.

Tony Lugg concluded by saying “CJ Rongqing have shown their determination to secure the supply chain by using TAPA’s best-known methods written by Global Security Supply Chain Experts. TAPA members who make this type of investment into security were found to have three times fewer losses than non-TAPA members as well as improving the operational performance including on-time delivery in perfect conidtion”.


Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a trade association of risk & security professionals and related business partners from high technology and high value companies who have organized for the purpose of addressing the emerging security threats that are common to the high value industry supply chain.

TAPA works to align its standards with Government regulations and to strive for mutual recognition. This enables its members to leverage on existing investment into TAPA standards and to prevent over regulation.

A fundamental TAPA objective is to affect positive change in the supply chain risk management and security practices of the freight transportation and insurance communities as a whole.

Major freight service providers are moving toward TAPA-recognized security standards for the care and handling of freight and are recognizing the inherent value of doing so.

TAPA publishes several standards to secure the supply chain against theft, robbery, hijacking, contamination, substitution theft, pilferage and tampering.

About CJ Rongqing

CJ Rongqing Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (希杰荣庆物流供应链有限公司) is an enterprise in China, with the main office in Linyi. It operates in the Truck Transportation industry. The company was established on December 10, 2010. It currently has a total number of 400 (2017) employees.

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