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CJ Rokin Logistics Achieves TAPA TSR Level 2 Certification for 30 trucks in China


Asia Pacific: CJ Rokin Logistics and Supply Chain Co., Ltd, the leading China smart contract logistics service provider, has achieved Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) Level 2 certification from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) for 30 of its road transportation trucks in China.

Internationally accepted and considered one of the most rigorous independent certifications in the industry, the 5A logistics company, CJ Rokin, is now recognized by TAPA for its industry-leading security standards which include real-time monitoring systems, advanced security hardware and strict security management processes.

Cargo crime is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of high value, high-risk products and their logistics service providers. Having delivered technology-based customized logistics services by integrating warehousing, long haul transportation and distribution since 1985, this TAPA certification enables CJ Rokin to secure and maintain the minimum security standards required for assets within their supply chain. They can now provide accurate information and data to reduce future incidences of theft on 30 of their trucks.

Case studies show that implementing TSR improved operational performance increases driver safety and visibility and on-time delivery performance. The TSR training, attended by the project lead, took 6 months to implement from set-up to successful certification.

Tony Lugg, TAPA APAC Chairman, said: “TAPA congratulates CJ Logistics in attaining Level 2 TSR certification in China. This is a great achievement and positive step forward in securing the supply chain for its customers”.

The adoption of TAPA certification is a seamless connection between TAPA’s TSR security system and CJ Rokin’s safety management system. It’s a full affirmation of the operating efficiency and operation quality of CJ Rokin’s TSR system.

Jae H. Auh, CEO of CJ Rokin, said that “CJ Rokin has made continuous and effective efforts to integrate the TAPA standards to ensure that each item can obtain the highest level of safety control and build a safe platform providing service that customers can trust. TSR Level 2 certification demonstrates CJ Rokin’s commitment to safe and secure road transportation.’’

Tony Lugg concluded “CJ Rokin have shown their determination to secure the supply chain by using TAPA’s best-known methods written by Global Security Supply Chain Experts. TAPA members who make this type of investment into security were found to have three times fewer losses than non-TAPA members, as well as improving the operational performance including on-time delivery in perfect condition”.


Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a trade association of risk & security professionals and related business partners from high technology and high-value companies who have organized for the purpose of addressing the emerging security threats that are common to the high-value industry supply chain.

TAPA works to align its standards with Government regulations and to strive for mutual recognition. This enables its members to leverage on existing investment into TAPA standards and to prevent over-regulation.

A fundamental TAPA objective is to affect positive change in the supply chain risk management and security practices of freight transportation and insurance communities as a whole.

Major freight service providers are moving toward TAPA-recognized security standards for the care and handling of freight and are recognizing the inherent value of doing so.

TAPA publishes several standards to secure the supply chain against theft, robbery, hijacking, contamination, substitution theft, pilferage and tampering.

About CJ Rokin

CJ Rokin Logistics and Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (希杰荣庆物流供应链有限公司) is a comprehensive contract logistics company, with headquartered in Shanghai, China.

Through its integrated operational capabilities and extensive logistics network in China, together with its advanced technologies in logistics, CJ Rokin offers a high level of customized cold chain, chemical, pharmaceutical and general cargo logistics services. More than 95% of customers are multi-national companies from the US or Europe, and many of them are Fortune 500 companies doing successful business in China.

As a part of CJ Logistics’ global network (with annual revenue of USD 8 billion), it will continue to enhance competitiveness by investing in large-scale distribution centers and warehouses in China, achieving the vision of “China No1. Smart Logistics Provider” in the near future.

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