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By 2026, 45% of Asian-based Organizations Will Operationalize Integrated Sustainability in the Supply Chain


Top Supply Chain Predictions for 2023 and Beyond


According to a global market intelligence firm, by 2026, 45% of Asian-based firms will have operationalized integrated sustainability in the supply chain and reported impact data, enabling a 10% waste reduction and improved competitive advantage.


Sustainability is now on the radar of most Asia/Pacific supply chain enterprises, according to companies participating in the global market intelligence company 2022 Supply Chain Study. In addition to consumers, business customers, governments (both national and those of important supply chain partners, notably in Europe), and financial institutions are putting pressure on the industry to act. As banks expand their sustainable lending portfolios, the financial strain on supply chain enterprises grows.


As organizations address resiliency and efficiency, visibility and the capability to obtain actionable data are increasingly crucial in being fast and adaptable and making the most acceptable trade-offs to satisfy customer objectives.


Furthermore, with the possibility of a recession, organizations are attempting to integrate supply chain sustainability into their operations to ensure efficiency gains and environmental gains, thereby increasing business sustainability, according to the global market intelligence firm.


The top ten supply chain industry forecasts from a global market intelligence business advise healthcare leaders on planning for and responding to huge storms of disruptions, massive tech flips, and pandemic aftereffects.


Supply Chain Resilience

By the end of 2024, 40% of Asian-based supply chain businesses will have rebalanced resilience efforts to reflect inflationary reality and the required efficiency to recoup two percentage points of profit.


Task Applications

By 2025, task-application extensions are expected to account for 40% of all new Asian-based supply chain technology expenditures in manufacturing and retail.


Logistics Alignment

By 2024, 50% of Asian-based shippers will dynamically align logistics services with organizational strategy, resulting in a 2% increase in OTIF delivery across multiple transport modes.



By 2026, 45% of Asian-based firms will implement integrated sustainability in the supply chain and accurately report impact data, resulting in a 10% waste reduction and improved competitive advantage.


Service Supply Chain

By 2027, the service supply chains of 45% of Asian OEMs will be redesigned using artificial intelligence, ensuring the necessary supplies are available and, in a position, to address 75% of problems before failure.


Hybrid Work

By 2026, Asian-based supply chain companies will experience a 30% increase in talent attraction and retention if they restructure their policies, cultures, technology, and facilities to support hybrid work patterns.



By 2025, in Asia-based 2000 (A2000) warehouses, the utilization of robots and automation will have tripled, improving work productivity by 30%.



By 2024, 40% of A2000 organizations will have employed more balanced multi-shoring sourcing strategies to manage better risk, which boosts supply dependability by 10%.


Direct to Consumer (D2C)

By 2025, a 15% rise in direct-to-consumer sales will affect 25% of A2000 manufacturers, motivating them to prioritize investing in last-mile delivery optimization.


Supply Chain Connective Tissue

By 2025, 3 percentage points more productivity will be achieved by 50% of Asian-based supply chains that have invested in software to link disjointed planning and fulfilment systems better.


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