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All organisations should adopt anti-SMS spoofing measures, say cyber-security experts


A day after banks were told to put in place more stringent measures to bolster the security of digital banking within the next two weeks, cyber-security experts said all organisations should adopt anti-SMS spoofing measures.

“It should be the immediate priority, as scams originating via spoofed SMS and calls are becoming one of the top security concerns among the residents in Singapore,” said Mr C.K. Chim, cyber-security firm Cybereason’s field chief security officer for the Asia-Pacific region.”Organisations must ensure the safety and security of their customers’ data, or risk losing credibility among consumers.”

The registry enables organisations to register SMS sender IDs they wish to protect. Any unauthorised party that tries to send SMSes using the registered IDs will be flagged and blocked on mobile operators’ networks.The adoption of the registry is one of the solutions to combat SMS spoofing, which banks will continue to work closely with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), IMDA and the police on, following a recent spate of SMS phishing scams targeting OCBC Bank customers.

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