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Air cargo faces China supply chain disruption


New Covid quarantine rules for cargo workers at key gateways in China are putting air cargo supply chains under pressure.Over the last few weeks, Covid cases in China have begun to pick up as the country contends with the contagious Delta variant of the virus.

To contain outbreaks, lockdowns and stricter quarantine measures have been put in place which is having an impact on cargo operations at both airports and seaports.According to supply chain risk analyst, Everstream Analytics, pickup and delivery services, as well as air cargo operations have seen the most disruptions, with 15 airports identified as having been affected.

The analytics firm said that Nanjing Lukou International Airport and Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport had both been temporarily closed earlier in August. Meanwhile, earlier this month Beijing airport had been operating at around 43% capacity, Shanghai Pudong at around 33% capacity and and Xiamen Airport (XIN) at 66%.

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