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A Year of Incredible Achievements: TAPA APAC’s Major Milestones in 2022!


TAPA APAC has consistently supported the growth of the logistics industry and actively participated in key industry forums. TAPA APAC will continuously dedicate to being a business enabler and leader in the supply chain sector, through its standards training, audit & certifications helping businesses in their resilience and sustainability missions.

Let us take a look back and revisit the three significant milestones for TAPA APAC in 2022.

DHL Express Asia Pacific Reaches the Apex of Excellence with 100th TAPA Certification

November 1 marks an exciting day for DHL Express and its customers in the Asia Pacific region, as the West Hanoi Service Center has been awarded the TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) certification ‘A’, making it the 100th facility in the region (excluding China) to receive the esteemed certification.


Tony Lugg, TAPA APAC’s Chairman congratulated Ken Lee, CEO of Asia Pacific DHL Express on this remarkable achievement. The TAPA certification is an internationally recognized industry standard that is awarded to companies that meet the stringent requirements for secure warehousing or in-transit storage of high-value goods across the global supply chain.

The attainment of its 100th TAPA “A” certification by the West Hanoi Service Center is a testament to DHL Express’ commitment to delivering the highest quality of service and security to its customers. Having achieved this milestone, DHL Express can now confidently guarantee the security and safety of its customers’ goods and shipments across the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to DHL Express continuing to uphold the highest security standards in the industry and for more of their facilities to be awarded the TAPA certification in the future.

Tony Lugg went on to say “Manufacturers build the TAPA standards into their contractual agreements to reduce supply chain risks, increase resilience and sustainability of their overall supply chain. Companies like DHL Express are leading examples of where they have seen the value add to its customers. TAPA APAC’s Supply Chain Security Standards allow companies to select their preferred level of FSR, TSR, GSR and CSS certification to suit their security requirements and those of their customers. Certification is achieved by working with our approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs) or via Self-Certification.

Flipkart India Achieves Global Milestone – First E-commerce Organization to Secure Multi-site TAPA Elevated Security Protection FSR ‘A’ Certification for its 75 Fulfillment Centers!

Flipkart Team celebrating the milestone of setting the Standard A Level for the Ecommerce Sector together with TAPA APAC and IAB-DNV India.

We are proud to congratulate Flipkart on their remarkable journey to certify their 75 fulfillment centers to TAPA FSR A after a rigorous audit process on November 15, another major milestone! Flipkart’s compliance with TAPA standards is a crucial step toward ensuring the company’s resilience and business sustainability policies. The certification is a great achievement for the company and shows the commitment and dedication it has to set the standard for Indian e-commerce.

Speaking on the occasion, Tony Lugg, TAPA Certified Expert and Chairman of TAPA APAC, said, “Flipkart’s achievement of having 75 e-commerce fulfillment centers to be certified to TAPA FSR A is nothing short of remarkable. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Flipkart for their commitment to meeting the highest security standards and for taking the necessary measures to ensure the security of their customers and their data.”

The certification from TAPA is a testament to Flipkart’s commitment to building a robust infrastructure and keeping their customer’s data safe for the future growth of Indian e-commerce. By adhering to TAPA standards, the company is not only providing the best-in-class service to its customers and employees but also acting as a role model for other e-commerce companies.

TAPA APAC Manila Conference: Future of Business Growth – SEIPI’s Biggest 3-day Annual Event

In partnership with the Philippines’ premiere semiconductor and electronics organization – Semiconductor and Electronics Industry of the Philippines Inc. (SEIPI), TAPA APAC held a highly successful and well-attended conference at the Microtel Wyndham Hotel in Pasay City, Manila, from November 16 to 18. It was SEIPI’s first biggest 3-day event in the Philippines since COVID restrictions were lifted.

The conference featured three key topics:

  • Cybercrime and Incidents

The Head of the National Bureau of Investigation Cybercrime Division, Atty. Palmer Mallari, shared cybercrime statistical threats, trends and incidents, and the modus operandi of cyber offenses in the country.

  • Digitalization and Physical Security

TAPA APAC showcased the hallmark of physical security layers, and the evolution from conventional 3Ds (Detection, Delay & Deterrence) to contemporary 4Ds (Detection, Delay, Deterrence & Deception). He noted how digitalization has helped to reduce the risks associated with physical security, with the use of new technologies such as physical barriers, biometrics, and more.

  • Digitalization Efficiency and Opportunities

Other speakers discussed the current issues and potential benefits of digitalization, the challenges it poses to businesses, as well as new opportunities and strategies that could be employed to improve the efficiency of digitalization.

The success of the TAPA APAC-SEIPI APPS joint conference in the Philippines provided the attendees with opportunities to learn and exchange ideas with each other. It also served as a platform for the members of the semiconductor and electronics industry to discuss and share best practices in asset protection.

For more information or to partner with TAPA APAC for an event, please email to info@tapa-apac.org.

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