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A Gang of Thieves Executed a Well-Planned Theft at a Godown In Mandsaur, India


A gang of thieves executed a well-planned theft at a godown near Lakkarpeetha. The targeted items were cigarette cartons and pan masala products belonging to a food supplier and manufacturer. The robbery took place during the night between Monday and Tuesday.

Unidentified individuals successfully broke into the godown, stealing 40 cartons of cigarettes valued at over Rs 40 lakh, pan masala products, and even a pickup vehicle. The trader had stored a substantial amount of cigarettes and pan masala worth lakhs in the godown located behind their shop. The thieves utilized a pickup vehicle to transport the stolen goods.

The following day, the owner discovered that the godown locks had been broken, and several cartons of cigarettes were missing. The estimated total value of the stolen items, including the vehicle, is around Rs 50 lakh. The investigation is currently ongoing, and authorities have discovered that the CCTV cameras installed in the area were switched off. The police have launched an extensive search operation to apprehend the culprits.

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