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7 Men Were Arrested for Theft from Factory in India


Seven individuals were arrested for allegedly stealing 8.5 tonnes of hosiery clothes valued at Rs 60 lakh from a factory in Noida’s phase-2. The perpetrators collaborated with the factory’s security guard and used a truck to carry out the theft, intending to sell the stolen goods in Sonipat.

Further investigation has revealed that the suspects have previously been charged with theft and violations of the Arms Act in different police stations.

Initially, the factory’s night security guard claimed to have been in Haridwar during the time of the robbery. However, when authorities examined the location of his mobile phone, it was discovered to be in Bhangel, Noida. Consequently, the guard was detained as a suspect.

By reviewing the CCTV footage near the factory and with the assistance of local residents, the identity of one of the thefts was determined. Subsequently, the remaining individuals, including the guard, were apprehended on Wednesday, with the guard being treated as a co-accused in the case.

The factory owner had lodged a complaint, leading officials to file a case under Indian Penal Code Sections 457 (lurking house-trespass by night or housebreaking by night) and 380 (theft in dwelling house, etc.) based on the owner’s statements.

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