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26 Killed, Dozens Hurt After Massive Fire at Industrial Building in China


A devastating fire in northern China’s Shanxi province has claimed the lives of twenty-six individuals, with many others hospitalized. The fire originated from a four-storey building owned by a coal company in Luliang city. The state news agency has confirmed the death toll. Earlier reports indicated that sixty-three people were evacuated from the scene, with fifty-one of them requiring hospitalization. However, it is unclear if any of the hospitalized individuals have succumbed to their injuries. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Videos shared on social media platforms depicted intense flames and thick black smoke emanating from the building, as onlookers gathered in the parking lot. Emergency response teams could be seen in the footage, swiftly preparing to combat the fire while donning protective gear near a fire truck stationed at the building’s entrance.

In response to this tragic incident, local authorities have pledged to conduct thorough investigations into potential hidden risks within key industries, enhance emergency plans, and implement preventative measures. Industrial accidents are unfortunately common in China, often attributed to lax safety standards and inadequate enforcement.


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